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Hello Everyone~ My name Is Lolo!!
I'm a 16 year old gyaru from America. My styles are Agejo and Hime. I'm a Big Fangirl of Jesus, Aoi,and TVXQ Please Enjoy My Tumblr!

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Fairy Gyaru. 
Theme: Fairy Gyaru
Sub-Theme: Sporty/Baseball 
Concept: Gyaru and Fairy Kei mix. Fairy-kei hair and clothes, makeup and arrangement Gyaru. 
Goal: To take the current trend; Shibuhara and return it back to more shibuya. 

Shorts: Ma*rs
Shoes: BACKS
Top: Lamoda by Sada
Cap/Bat: hand-painted by Shiena
Jacket/stockings/accessories: no brand
Choker: Ghost of Harlem

Model/Makeup by Ashley
Stylist/Hair-make/ Photo Editing by Shiena
Photographer: ??
Special Thanks to Sere for babysitting Kian.

** Photoshoot for school. Project was to take something you love and mix it with something else. I choose gyaru as my base and fairy-kei to combat the watered down shibuhara trend and to try to bring back the fire to shibuya. 

**Its definitely not easy to get the balance right for two styles that are so different from each other. The main key is to keep the makeup heavy and the coordinate sexy but never more simple. Just because its mixed with gyaru, doesn’t mean to make the items more simple, just because its fairy kei doesn’t mean softer makeup. It means heavy makeup + full on fairy-kei items. 

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